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Starfield's space travel is a crushing disappointment, fans agree

Starfield's space travel is a crushing disappointment, fans agree

Starfield is a stellar game, but its space travel, or the lack of it, lets it down as far as fans are concerned

Many gamers are heading into space, keen to explore the stars as they embark on romance, adventures, and all sorts of tomfoolery. Yet, while space exploration fever is underway, there’s many complaints about Starfield’s space travel, with fans unable to deny their crushing disappointment.

The issue has arisen from fans expecting space travel, e.g. going from plant to plant, to be similar to No Man’s Sky, when the reality is fast travel to locations. Players wanted to be amongst the stars as much as possible, directing their ship and crew towards all sorts of new discoveries, with emphasis on the directing part. We wanted to see the universe, not zip around while watching a loading screen.

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Not that this has deterred the number of people buying new consoles, with Xbox X sales up by 1000 percent on Amazon. Still, while Bethesda’s might will continue to grow under its new flagship game, that isn’t going to quiet the ever-rising ride of discourse related to Starfield. People are so desperate to command a ship properly, that they’re thinking of returning to NMS to feed that need.

On Reddit, a user asked if anyone else was experiencing similar feelings. “To learn that you actually fast travel in Starfield instead of driving freely among the stars makes me want to give NMS another chance, especially since - if I’m not mistaken - the game improved a lot since its release. Note that Fallout is the franchise I’ve played the most, and I will definitely complete Starfield, but I wanted to know if others felt the same?”

Soon many comments appeared by way of response, though, surprisingly, they weren’t filled with hatred for Starfield, which, sadly, has been the case elsewhere on the internet. Need I remind everyone that grown men are upset over pronouns? Unnecessary hate is everywhere for this game. Yet, when asked to compare NMS to Starfield, one Redditor explained why such a comparison is unfair, “No Man's Sky and Starfield are two very different games.”

They continued, “NMS is a survival crafting game rather than an RPG. It is primarily about collecting resources and building stuff so you can gain more resources or get creative with building. There aren't really hand crafted quests to go on, but mostly just procedurally generated mission board stuff. Not that it's a bad game. It's pretty fun, just... don't go in expecting it to be Starfield but with seamless exploration.”

Nailhead meets hammer. Yes, it might be disappointing for space travel to be nothing more than fast travel with a fancy loading screen, but people shouldn’t be buying Starfield to explore space; granted, exploration is involved, but it’s an RPG, there’s a bigger picture to appreciate. If you want to drive around space, Bethesda’s sci-fi creation isn’t for you.

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