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Grown man Dr Disrespect cries over Starfield pronouns

Grown man Dr Disrespect cries over Starfield pronouns

Of all the things to get angry about.

At long last, the launch of Starfield is upon us and despite its early days, the gaming community has enjoyed being immersed in its vast galaxy exploring planets and interacting with its diverse cast of characters.

Yet, as with any video game or other forms of entertainment, one person's joy is another’s displeasure. After all, we all have our individual preferences with variety being a spice of life. Unfortunately, it seems that some are not enjoying Starfield for reasons that shouldn't have much of an impact on their actual lives or at least if they choose not to.

Check out our video review of Starfield below!

Recently, a YouTuber by the name of HeelVsBabyface had a tantrum when he discovered that Starfield offers players the choice of pronouns. “Sorry, you wanted to get immersed in our [Bethesda’s] world? Guess what, f*cking pronouns! F*cking gender ambiguity!” he whined.

The YouTuber went on to cry a little more, adding: “F*cking current-day Californian sh*t, because that's what we f*cking know because we are boring. We're so, f*cking, boring! We can't see past our own f*cking reflections, that's the level of our narcissism at the Bethesda Western Gaming Company.”

I mean of all the things one could get angry about in this world, whether you preferred to be called he, she, non-binary or something else entirely, should be the least of most people’s worries. Yet, here we are.

One other content creator that hasn't been too happy with Starfield lately or at least a decision made by Bethesda, is the world-renowned Dr Disrespect. In a recent stream, the Dr revealed that his team reached out to Bethesda hoping for a collaboration related to Starfield coverage. Despite his social media reach, Bethesda allegedly rejected his proposal with no explanation as to why.

However, Dr Disrespect believes that he discovered why the publisher rejected a collaboration after taking a look at Pete Hines’ Twitter profile, the head of publishing at Bethesda. Dr Disprect has assumed Bethesda rejected him, after noticing the pronouns ‘He/Him’ on Hines’ profile.

As reported by GGRecon, Dr Disrespect said “He/him got it,” when taking a look at the profile while streaming Starfield. “Now everything's starting to make sense. Everything's starting to make sense now.” Obviously, Dr Disrespect doesn't outright say why he was rejected, but it’s easy to put two and two together.

Yet, despite the Starfield pronoun uproar, Twitter user EveritoBurrito mentions that if you’re unhappy with the pronouns that the game has automatically assigned based on your created character, you have the option to change them and at the end of the day, that’s all this is, it’s an option for those that want to use it.

In our review, we said that Starfield: “is a playground where you can be whoever you want to be. I simply cannot stop thinking about Starfield and the wondrous secrets it still holds. Bethesda, I have one word: bravo.”

Starfield is out now for those who purchased the Premium or Constellation Edition, as for the standard edition and its Xbox Game Pass launch, Starfield arrives for everyone else this Friday.

Featured Image Credit: Dr Disrespect via Twitch/Bethesda

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