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Starfield devs confirm Xbox users get mod support

Starfield devs confirm Xbox users get mod support

Bethesda's Pete Hines has confirmed that mod support for Starfield is coming to Xbox.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed that it’s not just PC players who will be able to join in on all the modding fun. Xbox will also be receiving mod support post-launch - and I can barely contain my excitement.

We’re mere hours away from the lifting of Starfield’s review embargo. It’s something that’s already generated its fair share of discourse seeing as Bethesda appear to have withheld code from a number of outlets. While we await that Metacritic score, we’re still finding out new information about Starfield. Bethesda has released details of the game’s sizable day one patch and the first fan-made mod has also arrived. Yes, if you were wondering, it’s related to sex. Fans are growing concerned about some of the game’s open-world boundaries but on the whole, there’s generally a lot of hype - especially now that we know Xbox mod support is coming.

Take a look at Starfield in action below.

Todd Howard previously teased that Starfield would be a "modder's paradise”. Pete Hines then later added that modders would be able to mod entire planets, providing some insight into the scale of possibility of what can be achieved. Now, in a new interview, Hines added that mod support is coming to Xbox post-launch.

In an interview with Vandal, Hines said, “There will be mods after launch. We haven't said when, but there definitely will be, as we always have, on PC, and you'll be able to use mods on both PC and Xbox.” That’s an answer that’s going to please a lot of Xbox fans.

I’m afraid at the moment, that’s all the info we have on the feature but at least we know it’s coming. I’m excited, and slightly scared, to see what the modding community has in store for us. How long until Shrek ends up in the game? I fear it’s mere days.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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