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Starfield dev announces modders will be able to make whole-ass planets

Starfield dev announces modders will be able to make whole-ass planets

Star out

Starfield is finally mere days away, and just when you thought the hype couldn't get any bigger, Bethesda turns around and drops a feature that confirms we'll be playing this game forever.

Bethesda’s first open-world RPG in years, Starfield, is set to take the world by storm. Many already think it could be a Game Of The Year contender, and early impressions appear to confirm bugs and performance issues at launch aren't really going to be a problem.

Take a look at Starfield below!

We were already expecting to sink hundreds of hours into Starfield, of course, but now it's looking like we'll be sticking to the game for an even longer time than we imagined.

In a recent question and answer session with Reddit, Bethesda’s Head of Publishing Pete Hines confirmed that modders will be able to build entire planets and storylines. Given how many planets are already confirmed to appear in Starfield, throwing in a bunch of fan-made creations is going to keep us hooked for an amazingly long time. I mean, just think about how long Skyrim has thrived thanks to modders.

“When you think about the kinds of communities that come around Bethesda Game Studios games and putting a tool like [the creation kit] in the hands of people, to go ‘How’d you like to make a planet?’, like, all of that is going to just be off the charts," Hines teased.

I'm already imagining some of the things we're going to see modders do. I'm not sure how long it'll be before someone is able to make a whole-ass planet, but you just know we can expect the likes of Gallifrey, Krypton, and Mustafar. I mean, if someone can go ahead and make me an unofficial Doctor Who video game inside Starfield, that'd be neat. Thanks in advance.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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