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Starfield leads to 1000% Xbox Series X sales increase on Amazon

Starfield leads to 1000% Xbox Series X sales increase on Amazon

Xbox Series X consoles have seen a 1000% increase in sales just as Starfield is set to release.

If my social media feed is anything to go by, plenty of you have been diving into Starfield this past weekend. The game officially releases this coming Wednesday 6 September, but early access opened up last Friday for those with the Premium or Constellation editions.

Starfield is already one of Twitch’s most-viewed games. I had the pleasure of reviewing the game, granting it a perfect 10 out of 10. Our review reads, “Every now and then, a new game comes along that changes our perception of what the industry is capable of. Starfield is that game. This is beyond what we’ve come to know an open-world to be. Bethesda has created a universe that, despite its vast scale, maintains interest and an impressive attention to detail throughout.” It’s not surprising that so many people want to dive in. In fact, Xbox Series X sales have reportedly skyrocketed in the past couple of days.

Take a look at our video review of Starfield below.

As reported by Tech4Gamers, Series X sales have risen by 1000% on Amazon US. Twitter user PeterOvo5 captured a screenshot showing that the Series X is the fifth most popular trending gaming-related item on the site, sitting behind Persona 3 Reload: Collector’s Edition - Xbox Series X.

The Series X has a sales rank of 32, with the screenshot showing that it previously ranked at 370. This means that the Series X has seen a 1056% increase in sales. We can’t for certain say that this is down to Starfield, but it’s a pretty likely theory. Series X sales rise as the biggest exclusive in years releases … Yeah, that’s not a coincidence.

If you’re yet to dive into the game, don’t forget that it’s set to be a Game Pass day one release. This has timed with Microsoft raising the prices of Game Pass, but it could still be a more cost effective way of nabbing Starfield.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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