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GTA 5: The Dead Among Us turns Rockstar classic into zombie nightmare

GTA 5: The Dead Among Us turns Rockstar classic into zombie nightmare

The Los Santos Of Us

Looking for a way to overhaul Grand Theft Auto V while we await the reveal and release of GTA VI? Well, this The Dead Among Us mod may be just the thing for you.

Zombies are having somewhat of a moment. Just this morning, one insider teased that a new The Walking Dead game is in development - and could be released as soon as November. It’s thought that the game, totally separate to the Telltale entries, adapts the opening four season of the show. It’s also been confirmed that Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is returning, although we should get full details in the Modern Warfare III event later today. Something is also cooking up at Naughty Dog. The Last of Us creator Neil Druckmann is working on a new game, and there are rumours of a Part II re-release. In addition to all of that, you can add a zombie apocalypse to GTA V should you wish to.

Check out this Homelander mod which lets you play as the iconic The Boys character in GTA V.

The Dead Among Us mod was posted by 5Mods user denedwin. It first hopped on the scene back in 2017, but denedwin continues to update the project with new zombie filled maps. So far, you can experience: Creepy Tunnel, Freeway, Road, City, The Forgotten City, Airport, Sandy, and Motel. Denedwin recommends playing the maps in first person with no electricity/blackout, and night-vision. Sounds unsettling.

You can download the mod pack for free from 5Mods. The project has a total file size of 14.6MB and once you’ve selected a map, you’ll be automatically transported there. If that’s not enough to satisfy your modding appetite, worry not. There are plenty of other options.

Fans have created their own story expansion mod, plus you can give GTA V a snazzy 8K RTX graphics overhaul. Happy modding.

Featured Image Credit: denedwin via 5Mods

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