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GTA 5 story expansion released by dedicated fans

GTA 5 story expansion released by dedicated fans

Time to head back to Los Santos.

Grand Theft Auto fans are very patient people. They have to be, after all. Next month will mark a full decade since the release of GTA V, and we still have very little idea when the next instalment in the series is going to hit our screens.

While GTA Online is still going strong, that alone isn’t really enough to fill the void for those who just need more GTA content in their lives. Luckily, fans are still hard at work producing mods for GTA V, and as DSOGaming reports, one modder has just added a whole new story mode to the game which you can play right now.

Before we get into it, look at this incredible mod which adds Homelander from The Boys into GTA V as a playable character.

The mod, which is titled Inworld Sentient Streets, uses over 30 AI models in order to allow players to have real-time, open-ended conversations with NPCs. The standalone story will see gamers step into the shoes of a “skilled and successful law enforcement officer within the Los Santos Police Department”.

“Exercise your agency by selecting from a pool of three distinct partners, each with their own characteristics,” the mod’s description reads. “Confront formidable challenges throughout your shifts, interact with criminal elements, and exercise your decision-making prowess. Powered by Inworld AI Character Engine, all the characters in this mod provide you with unparalleled control over your gameplay.”

As for the plot, it genuinely sounds pretty interesting: “The narrative follows a deadly cult known as The NihilAIsts who aim to seize control of Los Santos, convinced that they live within a game world and worshiping an unseen AI as their god,” the synopsis states. “As chaos unfolds with the cult's unpunished crimes and corrupted officials, you and your partner emerge as the last hope to thwart their diabolical plan. Over the course of three intense days, interact with eccentric cult members, cunning police officers, and unsuspecting civilians as you race against time to unravel the truth.”

If you’re interested, you can download the mod for free from Nexus Mods, courtesy of modder Bloc, right here.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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