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Hogwarts Legacy players spot Dumbledore secret that's hurting our heads

Hogwarts Legacy players spot Dumbledore secret that's hurting our heads

It makes no sense!

We all know Dumbledore is a talented wizard, but skilled enough to alter physics mid-death? We’re not so sure.

Some of you may have entered the Harry Potter fandom for the first time by playing Hogwarts Legacy, and subsequently the details of Dumbledore’s death matter little to you.

But for those of us who read the books and watched the films, we’re left scratching our heads over what canonically happened.

What's on the way in the Hogwarts Legacy summer update?

You see, some fans decided to visit the spot where Dumbledore dies later in the series, and what they discovered will leave you confused.

As Redditor BuccellatiExplainsIt reveals, “You can go visit the spot where Dumbledore fell off the tower, except that there’s no way to fall on the ground from there.”

They add, “So we can only assume that canonically this is what happened,” alongside an image detailing Dumbledore’s descent.

As you can see for yourselves, that’s not a normal fall.

It might have been possible if Dumbledore hadn’t been struck by the killing curse before his tumble, but seeing as he’d be instantly killed from that spell alone, you’d think he’d just drop rather than bounce around all over the place.

Ever the sleuths, fans have united to figure out what went wrong. According to Ertril, the issue is with Hogwarts itself rather than Dumbledore.

“Hogwarts castle in Hogwarts Legacy doesn't look 100% the same as in the movies. So, using [the] Hogwarts Legacy map to ‘show exactly where Dumbledore was killed’ doesn't entirely work,” they explained.

We don’t know what’s real anymore!

All we do know is that our heads ache from trying to figure out what really happened to Dumbledore.

Perhaps Hogwarts does, in fact, behave like the castle in Castlevania, and so it’s an entity that changes over time. Or maybe Dumbledore decided to leave one final parting mystery to dog our every thought.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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