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GTA 6: 12 towns and cities confirmed in new gameplay leak

GTA 6: 12 towns and cities confirmed in new gameplay leak

GTA VI has had 12 towns and cities confirmed, all thanks to a recent leak.

GTA VI has had 12 towns and cities confirmed all thanks to a recent leak. At this point, Rockstar Games need to announce a full gameplay reveal, surely?

It’s another day, which means it’s another round of Grand Theft Auto rumours. As reported by Dexerto, this time some of the locations that will feature in the huge open world of GTA VI have been teased.

The leak is said to originate from a previous gameplay leak and it seems that these recent rumours might back up previous speculation. A list of potential locations was posted on Reddit by tusstaster. The list of locations mentions Vice City. Previous rumours have claimed that GTA VI will return to the iconic Miami-inspired location as well as South America, possibly Mexico to be more precise.

One other name on the list that instantly stood out for me was Vice Beach which not only rings that GTA: Vice City bell, but it’s also a location that featured in the spin-off title Vice City Stories. The same can also be said for Washington Beach.

One Reddit user said, “Drag strips? This is the first I've heard of that mention. Is drag racing going to be an official thing in GTA VI?” However, it may not be the first mention. Last week, a ‘tiny portion’ of the GTA VI map allegedly leaked. A Reddit user commented that a section of the map looked like the Sebring Raceway.

While this is pure speculation, it’s interesting that drag race strips were mentioned in this leak and a raceway was mentioned in a previous map leak. It might mean absolutely nothing, but it would be easy to put two and two together. We should take all rumours and speculation with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. That being said, with rumours and leaks apparently surfacing on a near-daily basis, hopefully Rockstar Games will make an official announcement soon.

Speaking of which, a Rockstar Games insider recently claimed that a GTA VI announcement could be made in celebration of a GTA Online milestone.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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