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GTA 6 single-player DLC is already breaking fans' hearts

GTA 6 single-player DLC is already breaking fans' hearts

Grand Theft Auto fans are split over whether they'd like to see increased single-player support, fearing it may lead to microtransactions.

The wait for Grand Theft Auto VI continues. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when Rockstar Games are planning on officially revealing the title. Could it be the star of this year’s Summer Game Fest? I bet Geoff’s hoping that’s the case. In the meantime though, the leaks are coming thick and fast.

As I’m sure you’re aware, last year, Rockstar Games was the victim of a major cyber attack during which over an hour’s worth of GTA VI development footage was stolen, alongside source code and screenshots. In recent days, a snippet of co-op story mode footage seemingly appeared online. We’ve also got a better idea of GTA VI’s romance options and the sheer number of events and side activities that’ll be on offer. In the lead up to the announcement, fans have gathered to discuss the need for more single-player support in the franchise.

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As reported by Gfinity Esports, Reddit user kamas333 has pointed out that there are players like them who adore the franchise, but hate the “griefers” and “lack of pause or checkpoints” that come with playing GTA Online. The only problem is, if you don’t play the game’s online component, you’re unable to access some of the title’s best DLC. So, kamas333 has suggested that single-players should be able to purchase GTA VI related online DLCs for a fee in order to play them in a single-player offline format.

They wrote, “Imagine that DLC story content would also be made available for regular GTA VI, but for a top-down fee. On the one hand, players who prefer online could continue to play as they are playing now (hopefully with better experience also) and on the other hand, single player gamers could unlock new content for some fee. As an offline player, I would be happy to pay for new missions and content, without the restrictions imposed by the nature of online gaming.”

While we don’t know whether this will be the case, fans are already dubious. TheBishopDeeds wrote, “GTA 6 single player will most likely not get any extra content,” while zlee415 added, “I only see single player support available if they do co-op with microtransactions for whatever they can come up with.” Dlnkrg said, “If GTAs next title is going to include that kind of monetisation, I am going to throw some rocks at them.” This one has definitely split opinion.

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