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GTA 6's romance options actually sound amazing

GTA 6's romance options actually sound amazing

Apparently, players will be able to decide whether or not the co-protagonists of GTA VI are in a relationship or not.

At this point, we know way more about GTA VI than we really should do. Just think, if not for the leaks, we’d still know absolutely nothing about the upcoming title.

The main source of information that fans have been poring over is the huge leak from last September, which was confirmed to be real by Rockstar Games. Loads of early-in-development gameplay clips and files made their way online, and the sleuths of the internet still aren’t done piecing together every last detail they can from it. In case you missed it all, the main things to note are that it seems that there’ll be two co-protagonists (one male and one female), and it appears that the game is set in Vice City.

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With that detail about the two protagonists in mind, over on Reddit, fans have been wondering how romance might work in the game. One user suggested that if the protagonists are implied to be in a relationship, perhaps Rockstar will remove sex workers from the title altogether. However, according to one apparent detail from the leaks, it sounds like players will be given a lot more flexibility with their virtual love lives than you might expect.

“Event scripts in the leaks suggest you can have either a passive or romantic relationship with each other, Jason and Lucia likely won’t have to be together if you don’t want them to be,” Reddit user Naphor said. “In the events list certain missions will be completed with a either cool, pragmatic, or romantic relationship with the two characters. This heavily implies that a romance between the two isn’t required if you don’t want it for whatever reason.”

Assuming that this is true, it’s nice to know that players will have the choice over whether the main pair are an item or not. Presumably, this could have an impact on the story too, but that's just speculation.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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