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GTA: Vice City 2 trailer will hit you right in the feels

GTA: Vice City 2 trailer will hit you right in the feels

A fan-made concept trailer for a GTA: Vice City sequel set 37 years after the first game is making nostalgic fans very emotional.

While the world continues to wait for Rockstar Games to reveal something, anything about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game, some fans have been busy imagining what a direct sequel to GTA: Vice City would look like, and it’s been making everyone seriously emotional.

Based on the massive leak that surfaced online in September last year, it’s thought that GTA VI will be set in Vice City. However, at the time of writing, it’s not known if or how the new title will connect to the 2002 classic. Meanwhile, this new concept trailer - produced by graphics design team TeaserPlay on YouTube - imagines what a Vice City sequel set 37 years after the events of the first game would look like, and features a much older Tommy Vercetti.

This GTA V mod also gives us an idea of what a potential Vice City 2 could look like - albeit, not set so far into the future. Take a look below.

Created in Unreal Engine 5, the trailer follows Tommy as he explores the city, sees what’s changed over the years, and reminisces about the moments that gamers will fondly remember from the PS2 era.

“Fans have long wished to see Tommy again in the Vice City sequel. Although this sequel may never happen, we can at least imagine it,” TeaserPlay wrote in the video’s description. “This video can also be a tribute to Ray Liotta and the great nostalgia of us gamers from this unique game.”

Viewers are full of praise for the trailer, with many pointing out how emotional it made them: “Yo, definitely one of your best ones. The character model and Tommy's emotions blew me away,” Alexander Shirley wrote. “Brought tears to my eyes,” commented Akshit Kumar. “Brother, you broke my heart, I really got old. The time has really passed, it hurts me,” added Cabrera Nano.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a mod that you can actually try out for yourself, but it’s still seriously cool to watch. Take notes, Rockstar.

Featured Image Credit: TeaserPlay via YouTube

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