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​SEGA Is Selling A Sonic Themed Curry Which Turns Your Poo Blue

​SEGA Is Selling A Sonic Themed Curry Which Turns Your Poo Blue

Sonic might be a quick little hedgehog, but we expect this curry to come out of you even faster!

Matthew McGladdery

Matthew McGladdery

Ever thought your curry needed spicing up? Or even speeding up? Well, thanks to SEGA you can now enjoy a Sonic themed curry which is sure to give you the runs, pretty quickly.

Yep, that's right. Everyone's favourite hedgehog has been made into a weird, blue curry, and it comes with the added bonus of giving you exotic coloured poos.

You'd have to visit Japan to try this, however, which is where SEGA and Geek Life have decided to flog the novelty dish.

Sonic/Geek Life

The packet, which cleverly mimics the original Mega Drive box art, only includes the blue curry sauce, so you'll have to find some white (rice) and brownish (some kind of meat) food to make the rest of his face.

The example picture shows his eye and nose detail being made from seaweed, but I don't have a clue what the bottom half of Sonic's face is made with.

The curry is actually supposed to taste decent, boasting a creamy beef flavour, but it's what it does to you over the next couple of days which is pretty scary.

One brave YouTuber, who goes by the name of Retro Core, did a kind of taste test in 4K glory and found out the hard way. Don't worry, no blue turds are shown in process.

His description states: "I can tell you one thing though, two days after eating it my poop was blue for the whole day and then some! Talk about a WTF moment!"

In the comments he continued: "I was a bit unsure that I really wanted to put that stuff in to my mouth. It made my tongue and teeth blue and even turned my poop blue two days later.

"Not only that but it also turned the toilet water blue.

"What's scary is that stuff was inside my stomach for two days before it came out so is the inside of my stomach also blue?


"Even [worse] is that it took four trips to the toilet before the blue had gone."

Thanks for the test run, Retro! As stated, the curry is only available in Japan, so thank the heavens I don't have to poo blue because if it was in the UK I know my curiosity would get the better of me.

Would you like to try it? Let us know!

Featured Image Credit: Sonic/Geek Life

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