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GTA 6 fans can't wait to drive through pedestrians on the beach

GTA 6 fans can't wait to drive through pedestrians on the beach

We're all going to hell

It has been happening ever since the first Grand Theft Auto game, the top down 2D adventure from 1997. There was a way to score big points by running over a group of Hare Krishna where the player was rewarded with a big exclamation in celebration.

In the recent trailer released for GTA VI there's a short scene where we see a Vice City beach filled with people catching some sunshine under beach umbrellas or walking in tightknit groups. And, of course, it sparked one particular idea in many fans' heads - let's run them over.

Now the GTAVI trailer is here we can start getting excited for those GTA moments

The lead image on the Reddit post that sums up what we're all thinking is a man behind the wheel of a car aimed down the beach. One of the top replies is "Imagine how quick you can get 5 stars lmao." Most players who want to total up the wanted level know that the easiest way to do so is via running down pedestrians, it's been the same since 1997. But how is it going to feel given that the NPCs in GTAVI are that much more realistic. This is a point raised by a Redditor saying "These npcs are getting so life like, it might make people feel bad to kill them. Especially if they dial up the npc's reactions."

When it was just blocky pixels, it was still edgy but there was a disconnect, even with GTAV there was a cartoony aspect to the violence. This still won't stop players from going on sprees, it's all part of the GTA experience even though that experience has been evolving over time. While there's humour in the Reddit post, many players are now discussing the lifelike qualities in the NPCs and the inherent guilt we'll feel. We're still probably going to hell though.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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