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The Last Of Us game sales 'increased dramatically' with each new episode of HBO show

The Last Of Us game sales 'increased dramatically' with each new episode of HBO show

PlayStation boss says sales for The Last Of Us "increased dramatically" following every new episode of the HBO Max series

The Last Of Us is still thriving after all these years, with the first game recently being added to the video game hall of fame as well as the TV adaptation receiving glowing reviews as HBO Max’s most watched show ever.

There have been a few bumps in the road though, specifically regarding the shocking PC port of The Last Of US Part 1, which fell victim to review bombs and criticism regarding poor performance and a series of glitches and bugs. Luckily the blunder hasn’t dissuaded PlayStation from future PC ports of their games, and it’s reported that The Last Of Us TV show actually helped sales of the game following each episode that aired.

Jim Ryan, CEO of PlayStation, recently spoke at a company strategy meeting, and discussed the relationship between The Last Of Us show and the game it adapted, saying: “We had a great case study with The Last of Us series … Every time an episode of that show dropped, sales of the game increased very dramatically. It was really a remarkable spike.

“Each week an episode dropped, we sold a lot more games. So I see this whole thing as symbiotic."

The TV show introduced a lot of fans to the series for the very first time, and received a lot of praise for faithfully adapting the source material. It was recently stated by Jim Ryan that the same approach will be followed in the upcoming God Of War and Horizon series, which will be created by Amazon Video and Netflix respectively.

Season 2 of The Last Of Us is on the way, promising more impactful stories, some new and horrifying infected, such as the dreaded Rat King, and new characters that’ll be familiar to fans of the game. It’s also believed The Last Of Us Part 3 is also in development…

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