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God Of War series will be given same respect as HBO's The Last Of Us, says boss

God Of War series will be given same respect as HBO's The Last Of Us, says boss

Producer of the God Of War TV adaptation says production will follow the same formula used for The Last Of Us.

Following the enormous success of HBO’s The Last Of Us, with more on the way, fans are wondering if another upcoming video-game adaptation, Prime Video's God of War, will be able to live up to the survival-horror’s game-accurate portrayal.

Sony announced that their PlayStation exclusive title, God Of War, would be receiving a live-action TV adaptation led by Amazon Prime back in May 2022. Since then, very little has been said about the show, with no information on the story, casting, or release window.

It was also announced that Horizon would also be receiving the silver-screen treatment, as it’ll also be adapted into a TV show, led by Netflix. Details on the Horizon show are also few and far between.

Speaking on the official PlayStation podcast, the show's producer Asad Qizilbash said: "The same care and formula that we did with The Last of Us, we're going to be applying for Horizon [and] God of War.”

Qizilbash went on to say: "We're gonna tell the story of the game because we can, because it's a show, we have the time to do it, we've got the episodes to be able to do it … You're gonna get the story of the game, but we're going to also find opportunities to go wider and explore other characters and do more worldbuilding.”

This is incredibly exciting news, as The Last Of Us was heavily praised by both critics and people who played the game on PlayStation for staying true to its source material. Many scenes and lines of dialogue in the show were essentially pulled out of the game and placed into a live-action format, which really resonated with fans who’d grown to love the characters and their best moments.

Something else that was greatly appreciated by fans was how The Last Of Us show expanded on some of the characters and storylines that couldn’t be explored further in the game, such as the heart-warming Bill and Frank episode.

For a series like God Of War, which has endless amounts of deep lore, a TV show would be the perfect place to expand its universe and provide a closer look at some of its important worlds and people.

In other news, The Witcher TV adaptation received a first look at Season 3 with a brand new trailer.

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