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God Of War fans want to see Kratos meet Sun Wukong in Chinese mythology sequel

God Of War fans want to see Kratos meet Sun Wukong in Chinese mythology sequel

God of War fans are hoping that Kratos will travel to China next to team up with Sun Wukong.

It’s been several months since God of War Ragnarök released and I don’t know about you, but I’m already itching for an expansion - just a little something to tide me over until Kratos’ next full adventure. Perhaps a slight excursion to see what Atreus is up to? That would be fun.

A DLC expansion could actually be in the works. Actor Bren Prendergast, who portrays Tyr, recently teased that we haven’t seen the last of his character, hinting that he “knows a little” about the future of the God of War franchise. If you’ve completed ‘The Broken Prison’ post-game side quest, you may recall that it ends with Tyr saying to Kratos, “I know you from somewhere. I’m sure it will come back to me.” Kratos replies, “Until then.” Did this set up a DLC right beneath our noses? Regardless, fans are already dreaming up which mythology they’d like to see Kratos intertwined with in the next mainline instalment.

God of War Ragnarök finally has a new game plus mode. Who’s going to dive in again?

Previously, fans suggested that it would be cool to see Kratos take on Christianity, but this latest idea suggests that the titular God of War could venture to China. Santa Monica Studio previously teased that every known mythology exists in Kratos’ universe so Twitter user BasedPota18 wrote, “Soooooo if Kratos of Atreus headed to China, they could run into Sun Wukong, right?”

It’s entirely plausible - and I’d like to see it. If you don’t know, Sun Wukong is a mythological figure also known as the Monkey King. The story claims that Sun Wukong was born from a stone imbued with supernatural abilities via traditional Taoist practices. There are differing variations of the figure but Sun Wukong is said to have the ability to transform into 72 different animals. It’s no surprise then that he’s also known as a trickster god.

You can easily see how Sun Wukong could prove to be an interesting companion for Kratos - or foe for that matter, although a companion seems more likely. Twitter user JustAztecc wrote, “Kratos and Wukong squaring up against the entire pantheon,” while RayrayWb added, “That would be dope.” I’m imagining it’ll be a good while before we learn what Santa Monica is officially cooking up.

Featured Image Credit: Game Science, Sony Interactive Entertainment

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