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The Boys season 5 confirmed ahead of season 4 release

The Boys season 5 confirmed ahead of season 4 release

The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke says that "there will be more" of the show after the season four finale.

We’re yet to get a release date for the fourth season of The Boys, but it seems that showrunner Eric Kripke just confirmed that a fifth season is also on the way. Get hyped.

If you thought that season three of The Boys was chaotic, then oh boy are you in for a treat. Associate producer and VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet recently teased that the upcoming fourth season contains the “most disgusting thing” he’s ever seen while working in the TV industry. The fact that something is apparently going to top that certain scene with Termite…yeah. It’s going to be something.

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Anyway, it sounds like we have much more of the series to look forward to in the future. As Game Rant reports, Eric Kripke recently took to Twitter to clarify that the season four finale will not mark the end of The Boys.

“Cause you're asking! We've been shooting since late August,” he said of the fourth season. “I'm here to prep and direct the Season Four finale. No, not the series finale, there will be more! Most importantly, S4 premieres... at some point in the future in our discernible reality.”

We’re still no further forward to getting a season four release date, it seems, but the news of more stuff coming is arguably even better. To be fair, it’s not too surprising - The Boys is the best-rated superhero series ever made, so why wouldn’t more of it be produced?

Last year, Kripke publicly asked Hideo Kojima to “come make a The Boys game”, after the legendary game developer revealed that he previously worked on a title which he thought was conceptually similar to the series. Nothing else has been said about this interaction, but how incredible would it be if that happened?

For now, we’ll just have to stay tuned for that season four release date - hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer.

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