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The Boys is officially the best-rated superhero series ever made

The Boys is officially the best-rated superhero series ever made

The Boys officially out-performed every single Marvel show last year.

The Boys is very cursed, but I mean that as a compliment - I think. It’s impossible to watch an episode and not sit there for a solid 10 minutes afterwards thinking, ‘What did I just witness?’ I would say that we’ve seen it all but I fear that we haven’t.

In fact, I know we haven’t. The Boys’ fourth season is set to include “the most disgusting thing” you’ve ever seen. I’m scared. Let’s not forget that we’ve already watched a superhero orgy - which happened to involve an octopus - plus there was the whole sneezing penis explosion debacle. I dread to think what else the show is cooking up. Despite its cursed nature though, The Boys is currently the best-rated superhero series out there.

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As reported by UNILAD, The Boys was the 11th most streamed show across any platform in 2022 according to the Nielsen stats. The Prime Video series was unable to beat shows like Stranger Things, Wednesday, and The Crown but it did perform better than Loki, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk. The series was watched for a total of 10.6 billion minutes in 2022.

In fact, not a single Marvel TV series appeared in the top 15 which is pretty surprising. Of course, The Boys is more established. The show’s fourth season is currently in production whereas all Marvel series have just debuted their first seasons. Still, it’s an incredible achievement. Who’s excited for season four?

In case you missed it, The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be joining the cast and we’ve already had our first look at Butcher and Homelander back in action. There’s no release date for The Boys’ fourth season yet. We can’t even be certain that it’ll air this year as filming is still underway. Fingers crossed it does though.

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