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Starfield dethroned as Steam's most wishlisted game

Starfield dethroned as Steam's most wishlisted game

A new foe has appeared.

Starfield is no longer the most wishlisted game on Steam, and seeing that players have been waiting for this game for the better part of three years, Bethesda might want to shift into gear to claim some of that attention.

Announced in 2018, Todd Howard said that the game is "Skyrim in space," and oh boy, is that what the gameplay looks like. With a noticeable sprinkling of No Man's Sky too, though there is a lot of excitement for the connections that Starfield will have with the beloved The Elder Scrolls series. Moreover, the game has a huge 250,000 lines of dialogue with wacky traits for your character like Alien DNA, Serpent’s Embrace, Spaced and more that have significant weights on your experience gallivanting across the galaxy.

As a refresher, here's the gameplay again:

Clearly, there is a lot to look forward to, and so it's surprising that such a large game has been surpassed by a smaller horror game on Steam's most anticipated list.

This is of course Sons of the Forest, a sequel to the 2018 game, which will enter early access in three days time. As an open world set on an island populated by mutated relentless cannibals, the player is sent to locate a missing billionaire whose flight disappeared in this area some years ago.

With nothing to their name, the player must use the natural resources to create a shelter and survive over the changing seasons, and the developer warns that you're not the only one struggling to find food once the temperatures dip. Oh, and it's four times larger than the original game, so mind where you walk this time.

Starfield is coming to PC and Xbox, whereas Sons of the Forest is only available on PC, which might explain the switcheroo. Additionally, as the game approaches its release, more and more fans will be interested and add it to their wish lists. However, it would be in Bethesda's best interest to show something else about Starfield - mainly because I want to see more of the game.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Valve

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