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PlayStation Plus subscribers report major error after being locked out of their games

PlayStation Plus subscribers report major error after being locked out of their games

Some PlayStation Plus subscribers have been locked out from playing their games.

For gamers, there’s nothing much worse than looking forward to playing a highly anticipated game, only to find it unplayable.

Unfortunately, that’s what has happened to some PlayStation Plus subscribers that were locked out of playing their games. To be honest, I too was locked out from playing PS Plus games on my PS4 upstairs, but I assumed the PSN network might have been down or perhaps it was an issue related to sharing my account with my son. However, that wasn't the case. When I checked my PS5 downstairs, the PS Plus games were perfectly accessible. Thankfully, for me at least, that issue was resolved the next morning.

I'm not alone though. Gamers shared their frustration on Reddit and wondered if this issue was happening to others, and as already indicated, it most certainly was.

Tchia is a delightful PS Plus day one release.

“All of the PS Plus games I have downloaded are locked. The only free game I have is unlocked and I can still play it. I don't know what is wrong. I am sharing my game with someone else and my games are unlocked for them,” exclaimed Chicken_Boy_1781.

They continued, “I have one of their games and it is unlocked. Can someone tell me what is wrong? Also, whenever I click on the games, it says how to activate my PS4 as the primary PS4 and that it can't connect to the server to verify the licence.” Much of the Reddit thread also experienced the same issue, indicating that it’s an error on Sony’s end.

“I had the same problem yesterday and tried different things to fix it. The only thing that worked temporarily was using my phone's internet to restore the game licence,” replied ozankes. “I said temporarily because after 30-60 minutes playing, the system told me to verify my licence again.”

Various users on the thread made suggestions such as renewing the licence in settings, booting the console in safe mode to rebuild data or simply running a network connection test.

It seems that none of the suggestions had worked for Chicken_Boy_1781, so perhaps much like my experience, just patiently wait until the problem corrects itself as it's likely a temporary server-related issue. Probably.

In more positive news, PlayStation Plus subscribers were overjoyed to download a ‘beautiful’ new free game that comes highly recommended and subscribers were also dropped a recent bonus perk. Happy days!

Featured Image Credit: Sony, Meme

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