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PlayStation Plus 'beautiful' new free game 'highly recommended' by subscribers

PlayStation Plus 'beautiful' new free game 'highly recommended' by subscribers

A new PS Plus game is being highly recommended for newcomers

As a gamer it can sometimes be tricky to work out which games are actually going to appeal to someone who doesn't necessarily play all that many video games.

I'd argue this is because a lot of us take for granted some of the natural language we've soaked up from years of exploring virtual worlds. Sure, we know that it's always worth seeing if there's a secret behind the waterfall, or that cracked walls can be bombed, but not everyone automatically gets this.

The good news is that one of PlayStation Plus' recently released free games is actually perfect for newcomers and veterans alike, that's according to fans over on the PS Plus subreddit, at least.

"Hey everyone, I’m trying to find a game for my girlfriend," one user asked on Reddit.

"She was playing Hogwarts Legacy but didn’t like having to invest in skills and traits and stuff, she doesn’t really play often and doesn’t know how to build her character, it’s not something that she enjoys either. I had to do it all for her. What she enjoyed the most was exploring and the side quests, she’s not into long main quests that lock you in for an hour."

The most popular response by far was for the delightful open world indie Tchia. For those that have yet to experience it, Tchia is like a more relaxed version of The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, in that you explore a series of islands at your own pace. Better yet, it's incredibly hard to die and there are few penalties for when you do kick the bucket. GAMINGbible had nothing but good things to say about in when Kate Harrold reviewed it earlier in the year. Oh, and it's part of PlayStation Plus Extra, so it's well worth checking out!

"I highly recommend Tchia, OP. Beautiful game," responded one fan. "The game is all about exploring and has light combat. You can explore islands and the sea. And you can takeover the body of animals and inanimate objects. Great music, too."

Another added: "Second that, i am about 10 hours into it and it is such a beautiful game and that soundtrack is so relaxing too, the taking over inanimate objects is so fun too, has been a blast flying around as a rock or a log, game is brilliant."

Basically, consider this your sign to go play the brilliant Tchia.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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