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PlayStation Plus drops huge bonus perk for subscribers

PlayStation Plus drops huge bonus perk for subscribers

PlayStation Plus subscribers can access a sweet new perk now

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get their hands on a pretty sweet bonus perk right now, although it won't be sticking around forever.

The last few months have seen PlayStation Plus get some genuinely great games in, if you're still not sure about whether or not to join (or upgrade to a higher tier). Subscribers can currently play one of the best action-adventure games out there, one of the PlayStation 5's best-looking games, and a brand-new release that's winning rave reviews.

Alas, there's also the unfortunate reality that the service is losing a bunch of games this month. Factor in that, and the reveal of a fairly underwhelming PS1 game for Premium subscribers, there's been a bit of a cloud over the June free games, which didn’t exactly go down brilliantly.

The good news? If the latest batch of free games aren't doing it for you, this new PlayStation Plus perk should make it much easier to choose something you do want to play.

Sony has officially kicked off a massive sale on the PlayStation Store, with big double discounts exclusively for PS Plus members. There are over 400 games discounted, with some heavy hitters like The Witcher 3, Ghost Of Tsushima, and Assassin's Creed Origins. Given that some of the best games of the last decade are currently available for less than £20, I'd strongly urge you to head on over to the PlayStation Store and see if anything tickles your fancy.

In other news, PS Plus subscribers are urging one another to go and play PS Plus Extra freebie Tchia.

"I highly recommend Tchia, OP. Beautiful game," responded one fan. "The game is all about exploring and has light combat. You can explore islands and the sea. And you can takeover the body of animals and inanimate objects. Great music, too."

Another added: "Second that, i am about 10 hours into it and it is such a beautiful game and that soundtrack is so relaxing too, the taking over inanimate objects is so fun too, has been a blast flying around as a rock or a log, game is brilliant."

Lots to go and play, then, so get stuck in!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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