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Steam users can now grab The Hardest Game Ever for free

Steam users can now grab The Hardest Game Ever for free

New free-to-play title The Hardest Game Ever is now available to download on Steam - and it looks frustratingly fun.

Steam users can now grab The Hardest Game Ever completely for free. No, that’s not me claiming it’s super hard. It’s literally what it’s called.

It does look pretty challenging though. The Hardest Game Ever is a new precision platformer, released today by AIA and Cupflow Studios on Steam. It’s a single-player 2D experience and, as the title suggests, it’s supposed to be very hard indeed. I have to say, it looks utterly delightful and considering it’s free, it’s well worth picking up.

Sea of Stars is available to enjoy on both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass.

The synopsis reads as follows: “Pot ventured deep underground to find the most exotic flower he could, but now he's lost and needs to find the way out. Help Pot find his way through this precision platformer by conquering jumps and puzzles.”

The game’s Steam listing teases that it includes three different biomes to explore, as well as ‘beautiful art with immersive sounds and soundtrack’. It also lists ‘mushrooms’ as a feature. Make of that what you will. Over time, you’ll learn to jump, coyote jump, and wall climb - expanding your line-up of skills. Phoenix feathers will act as respawn points, which I’m imagining are going to be critical if this game is as difficult as it claims to be.

You can also find keys to unlock new paths and shortcuts. If the game sounds up your alley, as I mentioned, it’s free-to-play and is available to grab now. If platformers aren’t really your thing, why not check out the demo for Broken Roads, a new RPG inspired by the likes of Fallout and Baldur’s Gate? Still not tempted? Major hit RPG Crusader Kings III has just gone free-to-play. That’s also well worth a download.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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