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One of Steam's biggest games is free to download and keep forever

One of Steam's biggest games is free to download and keep forever

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Steam is hands-down the best place to get free video games, and this new release proves it. One of the most-loved 9/10 games on the platform is free to download and keep forever.

There are tons of games to play on Steam that are completely free, but you can't always be assured of their quality. They might not cost you money, but time is precious too. The best way to keep track of all the free games you can play on your PC right now is to stick with us. And today's offering is a serious banger.

The 9/10 hit game Crusader Kings II has officially gone free-to-play forever, which means you can download and play it whenever you want. Developed by Paradox Interactive, Crusader Kings II was released in 2012 for PC, and offers gamers multiplayer strategy fun. You'll build your very own empire in the Middle Ages, conquer lands, wage war, and collect resources.

Games can take a long time, lasting several in-game centuries. You could star a campaign in 1066 and have it last all the way through to 1453. Games can be played between 32 people, but you can bring AI in if you’d prefer.

Players earn up points and “prestige” by tactically building up their dynasty. You have to capture and keep control of land, obviously, but you also have to listen to your people and keep them happy. Educate them, train them to fight, and generally stop them from turning on you.

The game is well loved by fans of the genre, and has some great user reviews on Steam, as you can see below!

“The details and options to this game gives you almost infinite replayable hours. This has quickly became one of my favorite games.”

“One of the greatest simulation games ever made period end of story. If your into this kind of gameplay you can lose many hours of your life before you know it be it single player, or multi.”

“Awesome game, even though it's 11 years old now. Still one of the best strategy games out there. 10/10”

Crusader Kings II also received a number DLC packs that add additional leaders, factions and gameplay options to choose from. Most of these you'll have to pay for still, we're afraid.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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