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Steam drops hundreds of free games in massive June giveaway you can check out now

Steam drops hundreds of free games in massive June giveaway you can check out now

Thank you, next

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that rather a large number of video games have been announced over the last few days.

We've finally got a release date for the new Fable, Perfect Dark is back and looking better than ever, and PlayStation has some awesome surprises in store for the rest of 2024. Heck, we haven't even had Nintendo's showcase yet.

With so much going on, you'd be forgiven for missing some of the smaller games that are being announced and showcased.

Fortunately, if you've got a Steam account, you can experience these games the way the good lord intended: by playing them.

From now until 17 June, you can download and try out hundreds of upcoming games for free. That's a whole week to try out some of the best new releases for 2024 and beyond, with games spanning action, adventure, simulation, and so much more.

One of my personal highlights so far was the demo for Thank Goodness You're Here, a new adventure comedy game set in a strange town in the North of England. It's the most a game has made me genuinely laugh out loud in years, and I already can't wait to see more.

There's also Once Human, a huge new open-world game that blends Days Gone and Fallout with MMORPG elements. Oh, and Flintlock: Siege Of Dawn is a gorgeous new adventure RPG that I think will go down as one of the year's very best surprises. You've got options, basically.

The GAMINGbible team will naturally be bringing you all their highlights over the next week, but if you're happy to just dive in and find your own way through this veritable smorgasbord of free downloads, don't wait on us! You can head over to Steam right now and begin sifting through everything on offer.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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