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Perfect Dark reboot trailer unveiled at Xbox Games Showcase

Perfect Dark reboot trailer unveiled at Xbox Games Showcase

Joanna Dark is back

The Xbox showcase has finally shown off gameplay for Perfect Dark, the reboot of the classic Rare game from the N64 days.

Starting with Joanna Dark leaping from a plane, she sped through to the ground in order to stealth her way among enemies.

Perfect Dark is finally back and it's looking better than ever.

It appears she has plenty of new tech and it was all shown off in jaw-dropping footage that looked as stunning as you would expect.

The frenetic trailer carried on with Dark moving from combat to hiding in the shadows and her skills are still intact after so many years of absence. Finally the spy is back and she’s better than ever.

It's been many, many years since we last saw Perfect Dark on consoles. It's always been a well-respected title and franchise and fans have been clamouring for this new footage for years now.

Since the game was announced, many thought it was slowly fading into darkness itself as news wasn't forthcoming. Now we not only have a new trailer, but it's pretty much all gameplay.

In a modern and futuristic setting, being a spy looks both chaotic and slick. We're going to get some very cool gadgets to play with, as well as a deep story filled with mystery and intrigue.

If you want to experience the older games, they can be played on modern Xbox hardware and they're worth revisiting just in case this isn't only a reboot, but a sequel too.

Personally, I couldn't stop smiling as we saw environments filled with NPCs who we will hopefully have to dodge around as we try to complete our missions. I just hope we can dive out of planes to start each one of them.

While we didn't get a firm release date, it will be hitting Xbox Game Pass next year.

Featured Image Credit: Xbox Game Studios

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