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LEGO Horizon Adventures revealed by PlayStation with release window

LEGO Horizon Adventures revealed by PlayStation with release window

It's coming, folks!

No, you're not dreaming – Horizon has undergone a stunning LEGO transformation.

We've known that this game is in the works, but actually seeing the trailer on the big screen of Summer Game Fest 2024 is something else entirely.

Check out the LEGO Horizon Adventures trailer below

PlayStation revealed the trailer to much applause, with the title scheduled to release Holiday 2024. That should mean we get the game this year, which is a wonderful surprise indeed.

Not only will LEGO Horizon Adventures launch on PlayStation, but it will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PC well. Yes, we were surprised to see Nintendo mentioned as well.

As we saw in the trailer, this isn't quite the straight laced crossover we anticipated it being, yet we're excited all the same.

When a new game was teased by an insider recently, the fandom tried to stifle their hopes. Fortunately, unlike poor Bloodborne players, their hope hasn't been wasted.

The world LEGO Aloy finds herself in, while fraught with dangers, doesn't seem nearly as intimidating as the ones we've seen her explore previously.

Yet, despite this, her challenges look just as entertainment.

It's wonderful news to learn that LEGO Horizon Adventures is coming to multiple consoles and PC, however, it's sad not to see Xbox mentioned. Though, perhaps not surprising.

Whether this will change once the game has launched we can't say; it would be nice to see, but for now those plans don't seem to be on the horizon.

For now, there's no solid date save for the latter end of 2024, which means that plans could change as we get down to the crunch.

The moment we learn of a specific date, we'll be sure to tell you. Until then, we can admire the entertaining depth in which Aloy is brought to life in LEGO Horizon Adventures.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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