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Red Dead Redemption 2's pigs are hiding a gruesome secret I wish I could unlearn

Red Dead Redemption 2's pigs are hiding a gruesome secret I wish I could unlearn

Why, piggies, why???

Why is the Red Dead Redemption 2 fandom hellbent on revealing gruesome secrets to us?

Rockstar Games’ franchise has much to offer in the way of content, some of which is less than pleasant.

Certain new tricks have been hard to process, with us wishing we could unsee such horrors. Sadly, the fandom isn’t done with our sensitive eyes just yet.

Over on Twitter, a Red Dead Redemption 2 player shared a video that has left our stomachs unsettled.

Let's focus on those funny Red Dead Redemption 2 moments to settle our nerves

“Pigs will eat humans,” the caption reads.

Granted, pigs eating virtually anything put before them isn’t news in the real world. Still, we hadn’t anticipated Rockstar’s acute attention to detail.

Some fans are simply disappointed they’ve never tried this out for themselves during their playthroughs. Others, however, genuinely didn’t know you could feed dead NPCs to pigs.

“Okay, I didn't know that one,” commented @gtagrl.

For those of a squeamish disposition, who’d rather seek out other secrets from this western saga, need look no further than a hidden smuggler’s tunnel many of us have previously missed.

And for players who want to be shocked but without the possibility of losing their lunch, there’s a horrific Arthur Morgan crime you need to know about.

Red Dead Redemption 2 feels like a tale that’ll never stop amazing us, and perhaps that’s true – just look at Skyrim.

After almost 13 years, The Elder Scrolls adventure is still wowing fans with its various secrets; we suspect RDR2 will do the same.

The next time you have a body to hide, in RDR2 that is, throw it to those hungry piggies to ensure no trace is left behind.

If this is the “one thing" you’ve “never tried”, now might be the time to give it ago. We won’t judge you... too harshly.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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