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Red Dead Redemption 2 fan uncovers horrifying Arthur Morgan crime most of us missed

Red Dead Redemption 2 fan uncovers horrifying Arthur Morgan crime most of us missed

Arthur is not one to mess with

As much as we love Arthur Morgan, there is no denying that he is not a man to mess with, and this is evident thanks to one eagle-eyed fan’s recent discovery.

Even if you play Red Dead Redemption 2 and end the story with high honour, you still probably committed quite a few crimes along the way.

See Arthur in action in Red Dead Redemption 2 below!

With the story set during a pretty lawless 19th century America and Arthur and the gang being your stereotypical gunslingers, they are not afraid to use violence to get what they want.

That is seen very early on in the events of Red Dead Redemption 2 where Arthur saves fellow gang member Javier from getting attacked by a Valentine resident known as Tommy.

The two engage in a fist fight outside the saloon after Tommy throws Arthur through the window, and it isn’t long before the latter gains the upper hand and beats Tommy to a pulp. Arthur’s attack is so brutal that he would have killed Tommy if not for an interruption.

However, players can come across Tommy later on in the game during a mission called “A Quiet Time”.

The quest sees Arthur and friend Lenny go to the aforementioned saloon for a night out and if you are observant enough, you will be able to spot Tommy sitting at a nearby table.

Although you can try to start a conversation, Tommy merely answers with a few mumbles and many clued-up fans believe he has developed Broca’s Aphasia as a result of the injuries he sustained from Arthur.

This is backed up with the fact that there are visible dents in Tommy’s skull which one user over on r/reddeadredemption noticed recently.

Not only is this an incredible attention to detail by Rockstar but it is also a reminder of how ruthless Arthur Morgan can be.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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