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PlayStation Plus users can bag some free store credit alongside July's monthly games

PlayStation Plus users can bag some free store credit alongside July's monthly games

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As well as offering subscribers the chance to get their hands on some incredible free games each month, PlayStation Plus members can now get their hands on some free store credit for July.

July saw a bunch of new games added to the PlayStation Plus service: Borderlands 3, NHL 24 and Among Us. However, it wasn’t long before fans slammed the selection, calling it a “new low” and a “bad month” overall.

Check out the trailer for one of the PlayStation Plus titles for July below!

Although Borderlands 3 was considered a banger of a title back in 2019, it is now a five-year old title. Additionally, a sports title is not for everyone and Among Us can be regularly found on sale for less than £5.

However, as perhaps an apology to subscribers, PlayStation has now offered free points alongside July’s monthly games. By playing any of the newly added titles, players can bag themselves 50 reward points which, in turn, can be used as free store credit to exchange in the PS Store.

“This new batch of PlayStation Plus monthly games is looking pretty sweet”, the somewhat debatable description reads. “Remember to add them to your library and play any one of them to get some Points!”

The PlayStation Plus page then allows you to redeem the reward points by selecting which new game you have added to your library and hitting ‘confirm’.

If you are close to your next big “purchase” courtesy of the free store credit you have been hoarding, you can check out these other opportunities to earn it. Courtesy of the PlayStation Stars loyalty scheme, you can play some hit free games and earn 50 reward points in return.

If you are unsure as to what to play, PlayStation Plus members can check out this free RPG but be warned, it is guaranteed to keep you up until the early hours.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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