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PlayStation Plus latest free games slammed as 'new low' for Sony

PlayStation Plus latest free games slammed as 'new low' for Sony

PlayStation Plus new free game selection slammed by players

The latest collection of free PlayStation Plus games has been announced for July and, on the surface, it’s not a terrible selection.

There’s Borderlands 3 which is great if you’ve never played it, and Among Us is there, finally bringing the game to everyone with a subscription, However, fans are very underwhelmed.

Among Us is getting a TV show, and the voice cast is amazing

When you look at the PS5 subreddit it’s a mix of reactions with some celebrating that they can try a modern ice hockey game without shelling out the cash, and others feeling that this is the lowest quality selection in many months.

One user said, “Probably not the worst month we've gotten so far but is probably top 10 worst.” This was after u/GuardianOfReason had said, “I would say Among Us is a new low for Sony if not for the live-service games that die in 1 month they released in other months. Nothing against Among Us but it's free on mobile and already cheap.”

u/Love_Long_Lost echoed this sentiment saying, “5 year old Borderlands 3? A sports game that's obsolete in 3 months? And a game that's currently on sale for $5? Holy crap that's a bad month.”

It’s a tough selection to love, for sure. Sports games are generally difficult because you have to have at least a passing interest in the sport in question. And, Among Us, while it’s a stellar hit, is arriving to the service years after its boom.

Another Redditor isn’t seeing the value in this choice of games saying, “First month in a while for me where I don't get any value whatsoever damn.”

Thankfully, there are a few who seem a bit more positive about the July selection with one reply saying, “This works for me because I've been on the fence about purchasing a NHL game for about 10 years.”

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