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PlayStation Plus announces July free game line-up

PlayStation Plus announces July free game line-up

Time for a fresh batch of free games

It’s that time again, folks. Like the sands passing through an hourglass, we're once again back with another PlayStation Plus drop.

June’s selection of 14 free games had a few duds, but, for the most part, PlayStation Plus subscribers were happy with the turnout.

The same can’t be said for July’s collection.

Seeing as Among Us is one of July's PS Plus games, it feels apt to check out the Among Us TV show trailer

As you’ll already know, the buildup to this announcement has been a tumultuous one. We reported several days ago that the subscription service is experiencing a somewhat controversial start to its new month of games.

It happens every time, yet no one is prepared to say bye to the experiences destined to be removed from the service.

True to form, gamers have gathered around the Reddit campfire to speculate and debate about what new free titles will be headed to PlayStation. Did you really think the July line-up wouldn’t cause debates?

One title many are anticipating rearing its attractive but extremely challenging head is Cuphead.

Although a fantastic game, it’s also crushingly difficult (or maybe I just suck at gaming). Other highly upvoted mentions were the likes of Sekiro, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope.

Have those theories been proven right? Let’s stop beating around the bush and find out!

Borderlands 3, NHL 24, Among Us, and a Genshin Impact PlayStation Plus Pack have just been announced.

Sadly, the games Reddit suggested haven't appeared, which we suspect will result in some disgruntled fans before the day is through.

However, while this isn't exactly a remarkable showing from PS Plus, there is fun to be had, especially when teaming up with friends like in Among Us.

Nevertheless, we hope that the next batch of free games delivers more than this...

The latest PS Plus July titles will be available to play from 2 July onwards; and remember, many games are leaving June, so get playing before they're gone!

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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