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PlayStation Plus users urged to check notifications for surprise freebie

PlayStation Plus users urged to check notifications for surprise freebie

PlayStation users could snag a great freebie right now

PlayStation users are getting free subscriptions sent to them through their messaging app for some reason.

We all love a good freebie every now and then, though sometimes when PlayStation or Xbox are involved, they can come from nowhere and be a bit random.

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With that in mind, several PlayStation users have been sent a free 14 day subscription to PlayStation Plus Premium, the best tier, and there’s seemingly no strings attached.

Codes for this were sent directly via PlayStation notifications - viewable via your home bar - so it’s worth checking yours now to see if you’re one of the lucky ones. If you’re already subscribed to the service, there’s a good chance you haven’t been sent one.

This was spotted by a user on Reddit who asked other fans: “Did anyone else get the 14 days PlayStation premium code?” along with a screenshot of the message confirming they’d received one.

As for who else got the code, it’s been a bit hit or miss as some have said they got one “about a month and a half ago,” whereas others said they got one “two days ago.”

Others haven’t been so lucky, with one user saying, “It seems a lot of people are getting one but sadly I haven't got one and my PS+ just ran out today.”

It could be Sony’s way of apologising for the PlayStation Stars app being down, which has been in shambles for a few weeks now.

Then again, it could also be a way of getting those who haven’t subscribed in a while to get a subscription again, or maybe it’s just a nice gesture on PlayStation’s part for a few lucky fans.

Either way, other people have received this freebie, so check your PlayStation's notifications and see if you’ve been lucky enough to get one too.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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