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PlayStation Plus new free game roasted for being 'cheapest' in 5 years

PlayStation Plus new free game roasted for being 'cheapest' in 5 years

PlayStation Plus subscribers aren't happy

PlayStation Plus’s latest freebie isn’t going down well with subscribers, and honestly I can’t blame them.

As good as the Extra game catalogue can be, it doesn’t excuse that PlayStation Plus is a pricey subscription service, especially if you want access to the retro titles, like PlayStation 2 games.

Check out the first-look at the Among Us TV series belwo

Now if you’re subscribed to any tier of PlayStation Plus you’ll get access to three, sometimes four, free games you can download and keep forever every single month.

These vary in terms of quality and can sometimes even be brand-new releases, making each month hit or miss in its offering.

July’s offering brings Borderlands 3, NHL 24 and the game we’re talking about today, Among Us.

I’d wager just about everyone with an internet connection knows what Among Us is, or has at least seen it before, the online game of deception has gone from a small indie gem to an enormous franchise with merchandise and even a TV series in the works.

The game is now part of the month’s PlayStation Plus offering, but many believe it’s a bit of a rip-off since you could buy the game for pocket change on the system anyway.

In a Reddit thread Among Us was highlighted as one of the cheapest games PlayStation Plus has ever included, which to say you’d be paying at least £60 for 12 months of Essential tier feels a bit out of order.

Fans in the comments were quick to agree that its inclusion feels a bit cheeky, with one fan saying it’s even worse “because Among Us is free on mobile.”

Another alluded to the increase in price PlayStation Plus has seen in recent years, saying “They're really giving us the good stuff after that price hike huh?”

One fan even called it the “worst month in a long time by far,” and I’m almost inclined to agree.

Nevertheless I’d give Among Us a go if you can play it with a large group of friends, and hope that next month is a bit better in terms of the offering.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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