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PlayStation announces 50 hour RPG you can download and keep free

PlayStation announces 50 hour RPG you can download and keep free

PlayStation Plus subscribers won't want to miss this

PlayStation is giving away a free 50 hour RPG next month that you can download and keep forever.

If you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus, you’ve got access to a wide variety of awesome games that you can play anytime you want at no additional cost, as well as three or four games to keep every month.

Check out the trailer for Borderlands 3!

Next month, July, another batch of free PlayStation Plus games are being handed out, though the one we’re talking about today is Borderlands 3, an enormous RPG shooter that should keep you occupied for several hours at a time.

If you haven’t played a Borderlands game don’t worry, you can play just about any of them and not worry too much about the story.

That being said I’d highly recommend checking out the previous three games if you can, as they’re good fun and would serve as a good introduction to the game’s overall themes and mechanics.

Or you can jump straight into Borderlands 3, which ups the ante by quite a bit and places an arsenal of devastating weapons into your psychotic hands.

It’s colourful, explosive, and filled to the brim with humour, and according to HowLongToBeat it’ll take you roughly 23 hours to beat the main story alone.

After doing some side content you’re expected to roll credits at around 45 hours, and if you want to be a completionist you’re looking at 78 hours when all is said and done.

The full game will be given away for free next month for subscribers to PlayStation Plus Essential or higher, and once you own it it’s yours to keep forever, even if you cancel your subscription.

So don’t miss out, as it’s a fantastic RPG and if it’s being given away for free anyway, what’s the harm in trying it for yourself?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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