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Among Us animated series gets a first look

Among Us animated series gets a first look

This is only the beginning

There are a lot of multiplayer games out there that bring friends together for hilarious antics and escapades, but none go quite as hard as Among Us. The chaos of trying to look innocent while also avoiding getting shot into space makes for some funny adventures and nail biting twists.

Now that thrilling anxiety of almost being caught is coming in the form of the Among Us animated series. We’ve known about its development for several months now; we were excited then, but due to its being so early on in its development, we knew little else.

Today that’s changed, with us able to get our first glimpse at a series that will undeniably cause side stitching laughter lest the creators earn the ire of its fandom. It’s but a tantalisingly simple first look at best, though that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Many creators in the TV and film industry could have easily claimed this project for their own, bringing their own unique takes, but that pleasure has fallen to Infinity Train and Regular Show creator Owen Dennis.

In the image, we see the familiar space station location of Among Us, an empty room filled with the leftovers of a party, a banner saying “We’re dead” hanging on the wall, a splatter of blood hinting at the nasty turn these celebrations took.

Some fans have reacted with surprise, having forgotten that the animation was even in the works. But others are all too ready to create some memorable memes from the content we’re going to bear witness to.

Speaking of betrayal, how you watched the Judas gameplay trailer yet?

Another fan asked, “Is it gonna be like Happy Tree Friends?” and memories we’d suppressed flashed before our eyes in quick succession. Although, the comparison between the two might not be too far off, depending on how deep into the Among Us dysfunctional dynamics Dennis goes.

We’re not sure when the mayhem will begin, or what the plot will involve, but you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be there to see who the imposter amongst them truly is.

Featured Image Credit: Innersloth

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