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PlayStation 4 games playable at 120fps on PlayStation 5 thanks to new trick

PlayStation 4 games playable at 120fps on PlayStation 5 thanks to new trick

One PlayStation 5 modder has managed to get PS4 games running on 120fps on the console, including Bloodborne.

One console modder has discovered that you can actually run PlayStation 4 games at 120fps on the PlayStation 5. It’s a trick that requires quite a lot of technical knowhow though.

It’s no wonder that PlayStation fans are taking to experimenting with their consoles. We’re in the midst of an update drought. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is set to release in one month’s time, so we should see marketing for that ramp up in the coming weeks. After that, we know very little about what’s next for PlayStation in terms of a release schedule. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Death Stranding 2 have both been revealed but remain dateless. We have no idea what Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Santa Monica, Bend Studio, Ember Labs, or Sucker Punch are cooking up. I think we’re all hoping those State of Play rumours are true. In the meantime though, we can entertain ourselves with this little PlayStation 5 experiment.

Take a look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in action below.

As reported by PSU, modder Illusion managed to get various PS4 titles running on their PS5 at an impressive 120fps. Holding their cards close to their chest, Illusion didn’t actually explain how they did this other than that they ‘hacked’ the console. Over on Twitter, they showed what appears to be Gravity Rush 2 and Bloodborne in action - and they both look fantastic. I don’t need to remind people how badly Bloodborne fans want to see the game remastered for modern consoles. Perhaps this is the closest we’ll get.

This betters Illusion’s last achievement where they got PS4 games running at 60fps. Fans were, understandably, dazzled by seeing old favourites with improved graphics. “I need a jailbroken PS5 now,” said one Twitter user. “Erm, is that Bloodborne at more than 100fps? I need that,” added another.

While it may be a while until us mere mortal gamers experience 120fps, it sure wouldn’t go amiss to see a couple of 60fps updates for our favourite titles.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony

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