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Death Stranding 2 officially announced with a thoroughly bizarre trailer

Death Stranding 2 officially announced with a thoroughly bizarre trailer

Hideo Kojima is back at The Game Awards - and he's finally announced Death Stranding 2.

We thought it might happen, and it has. It’s finally been revealed exactly what Hideo Kojima has been up to over at Kojima Productions but before then, let me fill you in on some more of the night’s headlines. Christopher Judge officially took home the award for ‘Best Performance’ for his role as Kratos in God of War Ragnarök, plus we got our first look at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s gameplay.

Let’s get back to Kojima though, shall we? The gaming visionary appeared on The Game Awards stage for the first time in three years to announce, wait for it, that his next game is none other than Death Stranding 2. To celebrate the announcement, a trailer of epic proportions was released. Take a look below.

Check out the brand new reveal trailer for Death Stranding 2 below.

That is how you do a reveal. Appearing onstage, Kojima prompted fans to study the trailer for clues which is exactly what I’ll be doing when I’ve had some sleep and can think clearly. Kojima also revealed that he actually completely rewrote Death Stranding 2. The first version of the script was written prior to the pandemic but during this time, Kojima decided to rip it up and start again.

As exciting as it is to see Death Stranding 2 confirmed, we basically already knew it coming. Earlier this year, Norman Reedus accidentally let slip that he’d been working on the sequel. The trailer also confirmed that Lea Seydoux and Troy Baker are back. You may have seen a couple of mysterious posters in the past couple of weeks featuring Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna. Well, both actresses are a part of the highly-anticipated sequel.

Kojima also confirmed that he’s working on another game alongside Death Stranding 2. Presumably, this is the Xbox-exclusive announced during the summer. He’s a busy, busy man.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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