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Marvel's Wolverine gets release window on PS5

Marvel's Wolverine gets release window on PS5

Marvel’s Wolverine finally has a release window for PlayStation 5, and it’s not that far away.

Marvel’s Wolverine finally has a release window for PlayStation 5, and it’s not that far away.

After the spectacular launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which has sold over five million copies, fans are now looking forward to the next game in Insomniac Games’ release schedule.

Check out Marvel's Spider-Man 2 below.

Of course, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 is likely on the way, which will reportedly focus on Miles Morales as New York’s only Spider-Man, though Peter is sure to be involved in one way or another. There’s also been demand for a Venom spin-off, which Insomniac Games is reportedly considering given the popularity of the character.

As for the here and now though, the next planned release is none other than the X-Men spin-off, Marvel’s Wolverine. While we know very little about this game, we do know that it’ll likely be set in the same universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man, and the developers have teased the potential for a crossover later down the line. It’ll be M-rated too, the only acceptable rating to accommodate Logan’s viscous nature and razor-sharp claws.

Adding to what we know so far is the new information that Insomniac is targeting a 2025 release, which sounds about right given we’ve not seen any official gameplay as of yet. The leaks also states the game will be much darker in tone than Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and won’t be set in New York City. Instead, the game will take place in Madripoor, an island Wolverine has visited a lot over the years in various comic storylines, some of which see him cross paths with other heroes like Black Widow and Captain America.

Whether this means we can expect the introduction of other iconic Marvel characters is another question entirely. However, since various superheroes like The Avengers, Doctor Strange and The Fantastic Four are all confirmed to exist in the game universe, it definitely can’t be ruled out.

Marvel’s Wolverine is expected to launch sometime in 2025, exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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