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Spider-Man, Wolverine crossover game teased by Insomniac boss

Spider-Man, Wolverine crossover game teased by Insomniac boss

A potential crossover?

Insomniac Games has seen a huge amount of success from their partnership with Marvel. The three Spider-Man games they have produced have impressed players on multiple levels and earned plenty of awards.

As the developer expands their superhero roster, bringing us Marvel's Wolverine in the near future, talk has begun as to whether we will see a crossover between Spider-Man and Wolverine. And even Bryan Intihar of Insomniac Games has something to say on the matter.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has won over millions of fans, could it happen again with Wolverine?

Talking to IGN on YouTube, the senior creative director spoke on a possible crossover of the Marvel heroes saying "Let’s let the Wolverine team cook. If something happens in the future, great but right now let’s give them a clear runaway to making the best Wolverine game possible." It's not a no.

Insomniac Games seemingly cannot put a foot wrong in their representation of Marvel's web-head. They are singe-handedly creating some of the best superhero stories and it's looking likely that Wolverine will go the same way. The chances of the two characters crossing over is very high, after all, crossovers are the bread and butter of comic books and Marvel's film projects.

How the two could crossover is anyone's guess. It may just be a cameo from Miles Morales or Peter Parker in the Wolverine game, or Insomniac could be building towards a crossover game that features a handful of Marvel's heroes. Right now, as Intihar says, the team is focused on producing a brilliant Wolverine game and that should be their goal. So, we'll let them cook, but it's not going to stop some from getting their hopes up.

Given the fanbase for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and it's predecessors, a crossover would be easy money in the bank.

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