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Palworld nude mods surface online because nothing is sacred anymore

Palworld nude mods surface online because nothing is sacred anymore

Palworld's budding modding community has already turned to creating nude mods.

It’s widespread knowledge by now that Palworld has officially taken over the world and shows no signs of slowing down.

It’s only the second game ever to hit 2,000,000 concurrent players on Steam, which is quite the achievement for a game with a relatively small base of developers. While you can enjoy Palworld on both Xbox and PC, PC is where it’s at if you want to enjoy the fruits of the game’s budding modding community. The infamous Pokémon mod has now returned after being taken down by Nintendo. How, I hear you ask? It features a “legally distinct” look which entails swapping Pikachu for everyone’s favourite Pokémon Yellow Rat. There’s a stellar graphics upgrade mod which adds ray tracing, another which adds a mini-map … There are so many useful options. The topic of today’s article is not useful however.

Take a look at Palworld in action below.

Nude mods have started surfacing online - for the game’s human characters I should add given that our Pal friends are without clothes anyway. Oh but it gets more specific than that. These mods, as far as my regretful eyes have seen anyway, only apply to female character models. That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if a male nude mod was in the works. One such example is by NexusMods user H2theC who confirms that the mod adds what is one of my least favourite phrases of all time, jiggle physics. The only thing I want to see jiggling is Daedream’s luscious locks or Gumoss’ with his wobbly walk.

The second example comes from Benjilot which promises “invisible underwear and some textures modifications,” noting that it “affects only the female character”. We shouldn’t be surprised. Nude mods exist for practically every game out there. Then again, I thought Palworld fell into the sacred category.

I say that knowing full well that Lovander has already spawned horrifying thirsty fan art so aren’t I just a silly goose for imagining the world to be a more wholesome place. The internet gonna internet.

Featured Image Credit: PocketPair, H2theC via NexusMods

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