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Palworld free download massively improves graphics, adds ray tracing

Palworld free download massively improves graphics, adds ray tracing

Big download, big improvment

Palworld has taken the world by storm and is seeing some huge player numbers. Millions of people have swarmed to the survival game that features creature collecting.

PC players are starting to see some great mods popping up to improve the game while the developers play catch-up after the huge success. Of course, these options aren’t available for Xbox players via Xbox Game Pass, but Steam owners can start modding their game right now. One of the newest mods will bring some tasty graphics options to the game, including a gorgeous ray-tracing option.

Palworld has millions of players and is setting the gaming world alight.

The mod, currently hosted on Nexusmods and created by user R3MINDOFFICIAL, changes several things to add a shine to Palworld. One of the biggest options is switching the rendering from DirectX11 to DirectX12, giving the game a stronger engine to display visuals. The mod also improves global illumination and ambient occlusion, providing the world with a much more even light across character models. It’s a big difference, particularly when looking at transparent objects or glass that we see on things like the egg incubator.

Of course, to make the most of the mod you’ll need a decent graphics card. The mod is being shown off on a 4090, using every ounce of power possible to run at 90fps at 1440p. Thankfully, the mod allows players to toggle several options to find the perfect balance.

Whether this becomes an official option added by the developers is hard to say. Due to the success of the game, the team at Pocket Pair has a long list of tweaks and additions on top of their official roadmap for the early access title.

Palworld has been breaking records and setting the bar high; selling over 6 million copies and garnering over 2 million concurrent players on Steam alone is amazing to see, despite the controversy and accusations across social media.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc, R3MINDOFFICIAL via NexusMods

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