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Palworld's horniest Pal has already spawned horrifying fan art

Palworld's horniest Pal has already spawned horrifying fan art

The internet has done its thing once again

There’s a lot to love for Palworld, not least of all because of its familiar mechanics of battling and catching different creatures. However, some of that “love” is being taken to a whole new level, a horrifying level that my poor eyes have had to endure.

At GAMINGbible, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best out of your Palworld experience, which is why we took the time to rank the Pals starters you can choose from. However, our dedication has its limits, limits I quickly discovered after seeing what Palworld’s horniest Pal has spawned within the community.

Think happy, cleaner thoughts by watching the Palworld launch trailer.

You don’t need to be one of the two million concurrent players of the game to know the name Lovander. This particular Pal has grabbed gamers’ attention in such a profound and deeply thirsty way; if you thought gamers were gagging when playing Baldur’s Gate 3, my friends, you’ve not seen anything yet.

Most of the Lovander fan art I can’t show to you – there’s a lot of NSFW content doing the rounds right now. What is more, a lot of the comments don’t hold back on how badly they want to show Lovander a good time, so again, I’ll try not to make you all suffer the thirst of those either.

As one Redditor put it, “I hate this world.” We’re not quite hating on the levels of depravity Palworld players are going to, but we are shocked at how quickly it got to this stage. In truth, we shouldn’t be surprised – I wrote an article about how easy BG3 characters were to get into bed, so we all have our vices. Just this Lovander situation is giving HuniePop a run for its money!

For those eager to see what dirty little thoughts are entering the minds of the ever growing fandom, I suggest you do it on your own time away from prying eyes. The fan art goes from zero to 100 in mere milliseconds, with you seeing some full on animated smut before you’ve scrolled down a whole page.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc

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