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Palworld is only the second game to hit 2 million concurrent players on Steam

Palworld is only the second game to hit 2 million concurrent players on Steam

The accolades keep on coming for Palworld

If anyone expected Palworld to slow down once the eyes of The Pokémon Company fell on it, you’d be wrong. Despite the accusations regarding its content still going strong, Palworld has claimed yet another player count accolade.

When The Pokémon Company announced it would be “investigating” Palworld, some thought it would soon be game over for the viral title. Yet, despite the looming investigation, Palworld is going strong, with both its devs and gamers not backing down.

If you've not played Palworld yet, are you even a serious monster catcher?

The discourse surrounding the game is pretty much unavoidable at this point, so much so that GAMINGbible decided to rank all the Pokémon most likely to bring legal action against Palworld. But in the face of all the accusations and jokes, Palworld has soldiered on catching Pals and humans alike.

Such popularity has earned it the title of becoming Steam’s second game to hit two million concurrent players. This means, besides PUBG: Battlegrounds, Palworld is dominating the games community right now.

To say we’re impressed is an understatement – being able to beat the likes of Counter-Strike 2 by 200,000 players is no mean feat. And yes, while Palworld has a lot of players to recruit before beating PUBG, the fact that it only has to take down that single game on Steam is incredible. Even if you don’t like the Pals taming game, you’ve got to admit that’s impressive.

The question everyone’s asking now is if it can be done, can Palworld claim the top spot? It won’t be easy, but given the fact that this game amassed six million sales in its first four days, we suspect if any game can do it, it’s this one.

That being said, if Palworld doesn’t manage to complete this daunting task, there’s no shame in that, considering it’s still one, if not the, most talked about game at the moment. You can’t move on social media without seeing it pop up. Love or hate it, Palworld has left its mark.

Featured Image Credit: Pocket Pair Inc

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