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Palworld's Pokémon mod has made a triumphant return with a new 'legally distinct' look

Palworld's Pokémon mod has made a triumphant return with a new 'legally distinct' look

Tough luck Nintendo

Palworld is all over the internet with millions of people enjoying the creature-collecting survival game. Its comparisons to Pokémon are strong and it didn’t take long for a mod to pop up that converted all the character models to similar Pokémon and characters from the anime.

The mod came from YouTuber ‘ToastedShoes’ who knew that Nintendo lawyers would be coming for him as soon as the mod went live. He was correct. Nintendo swooped in and said no. So, the mod went away, changed its look, and has returned with a ‘legally distinct’ visual design. No more Pokémon here.

Palworld isn't slowing down and more mods are appearing every day.

According to the YouTuber, the new mod “very specifically does not infringe on any of Nintendo’s rights. It will feature fan-favourite pocket-sized creatures like ‘Yellow Rat’ and many more.” Ahh yes, we love Yellow Rat here at GAMINGbible. The original mod became so problematic that NexusMods distanced themselves from it in the hope that Nintendo didn’t target them.

Of course, now it’s ‘legally distinct’ the mod has a home on the popular modding website. You can download it right now and "Capture As Many As Possible’’ in Palworld.

While we do love Yellow Rat, we can’t wait to catch ‘Fat Cock’ or ‘Educated Owl’, Chikipi and Hoocrates respectively. The mod pack completely overhauls the game, changing everything from the player character into a custom ToastedShoes avatar, down to the Pal spheres which have become jars, for some reason.

The mod page is quick to let players know that it’s a parody of Pokémon, just in case, and hopefully, the team who created the mod with ToastedShoes will get away with this one. More and more mods are being listed on NexusMods every day as legions of fans adopt Palworld as more than a flash in the pan.

Featured Image Credit: Toastedshoes, The Pokémon Company

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