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LEGO Red Dead Redemption is one of the best things we've ever seen

LEGO Red Dead Redemption is one of the best things we've ever seen

Move aside, LEGO Geralt, there's a new LEGO in town that's even better!

There’s few things that make me smile more than seeing a LEGO version of one of my favourite franchises. Let’s face it, LEGO can do no wrong in many people’s eyes, so the desire to turn the entire world into a stack of brightly coloured bricks is a daydream we all grapple with every day.

Enter LEGO Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Oh yeah, if you thought seeing LEGO Geralt from The Witcher was up there, wait until you see Arthur’s little face staring back at you with that painted-on beard and moody expression. It’s sublime, as Ken would say. So, who, you ask, made LEGO their job? That would be a dedicated fan by the name of Candid-Revenue-3326 on Reddit.

Naturally, the moment they shared their creation players demanded that LEGO actually turn this fan-made art into a reality, and I’m right there demanding that alongside them. Come on, look at how perfect it would be – studs go flying, Dutch demands we collect more, and each death would see studs sprinkled like confetti to help take the sting out of all those final farewells. It’s the “crossover we all need”, in the words of one Redditor.

Could this become a reality, though? Well, anything’s possible, though it would take a meeting of minds between Take-Two, Rockstar, and LEGO. What is more, while RDR is a beloved franchise, it’s fair to say it doesn’t have the same financial pull as Harry Potter, though I personally know which one I’d rather play.

Although we might never see Arthur, Dutch, John, and, most importantly, Rufus, in all their LEGO glory as God intended, we can stay happy in knowing that LEGO Animal Crossing is on its way in 2024. Granted, it’s worlds apart from cowboys roughing it in the wilderness, but, you know, it’s a small nugget of hope to hold onto.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit user: Candid-Revenue-3326

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