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LEGO The Witcher teased by CD Projekt

LEGO The Witcher teased by CD Projekt

Geralt in LEGO will cleanse your timeline and soul

An unofficial partnership just dropped and we’re shipping it pretty hard.

Perhaps you’ve always wondered what The Witcher would look like in LEGO. But for many of us, never in our wildest dreams did we envision such a marrying of two games we love. In truth, it was foolish of us never to have dared to dream so big. Still, we’re fortunate that visionaries walk among us, people like digital artist BrickPanda82, who decided the world was ready for LEGO Geralt. Nay, it was overdue.

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Capturing the moody smouldering of Geralt’s features, coupled with his glorious grey mane, BrickPanda82 brought The Witcher to life in such a unique way. Every image perfectly encapsulates what we know and love from the books, games, and the Netflix series – so much so that even CD Projekt Red couldn’t help being blown away.

The Witcher Twitter account shared the images, alongside the caption “The Witcher Lego (unofficial) by @BrickPanda82”. With that kind of seal of approval, you’ll forgive us for wondering if Projekt Red will seize the opportunity and look into the possibility of an official LEGO Geralt further…

Although this is purely speculation fuelled by our inability to chill, we hope that the first LEGO outing will be The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, seeing as it’s been hailed as the one of the best games of all time. Though, if we’re being completely honest, we’d take any LEGO adaptation of the franchise so long as we can watch Dandelion's little face light up as he serenades local taverns.

With The Witcher series looking dead in the water after fans demanded its cancellation, it would be nice to see the franchise rise from the ashes of poor creative choices. This LEGO vision, coupled with the joyous news that The Witcher’s creator has announced a new book after 10 years, might be exactly the remedy we’ve been looking for.

For now, we must content ourselves with the unofficial LEGO The Witcher. However, how long it’ll stay unofficial is anyone’s guess now that it’s got the thumbs up from CD Projekt Red.

Featured Image Credit: BrickPanda82

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