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Animal Crossing LEGO is reportedly on the way, and it sounds adorable

Animal Crossing LEGO is reportedly on the way, and it sounds adorable

I've never needed anything more.

Animal Crossing is one of the most wholesome video game series of all time. Unless you consider the weird black market that emerged over New Horizons’ cat villager, Raymond. Those were dark times.

Anyway, over the years, we’ve been suitably treated with some adorable Animal Crossing merch, from the various cute amiibo figures to the chonky, loveable Build a Bear plushies. Now though, as VGC reports, it’s alleged by insiders that official Animal Crossing LEGO sets are on the way, and I’ve never needed anything more in my life.

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According to both exabrickslegogo_ (via Instagram) and YouTube user Brick Clicker, a total of five sets are on the way. In comparison to some of the big, pricey LEGO sets (such as the recently revealed Gringotts Wizarding Bank - Collectors’ Edition), these sound quite affordable, but that’s also because they’re rather small.

The cheapest of the bunch (which will apparently cost $14.99) is allegedly 170 pieces, while a $19.99 set is 164 pieces. There’s also reportedly going to be a 233-piece set for $29.99, a 389-piece set for $39.99, and finally, a 535-piece set for $74.99.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what the sets themselves will consist of, but it’s claimed that they’ll come with unique minifigures with specially moulded heads, rather than the normal LEGO ones. To be fair, I’d imagine the result of squeezing Tom Nook and Isabelle’s faces onto human heads would be nightmarish, so that definitely sounds like a good call.

Instagram leaker exabrickslegogo_ claims that the sets are targeting a March 2024 release, which would coincide nicely with the four-year anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, neither LEGO or Nintendo have confirmed if these rumours are true, so take them with a pinch of salt for now.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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