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The Last Of Us and Red Dead Redemption collide in this breathtaking open-world game

The Last Of Us and Red Dead Redemption collide in this breathtaking open-world game

The Last Of Us and Red Dead Redemption collide in upcoming open-world survival game Rooted.

I’m imagining that after last night, Grand Theft Auto VI has quickly become the vast majority of people’s most anticipated game.

It’s easy to see why. GTA VI’s trailer is stunning and graphically, perhaps one of the most impressive technical showcases we’ve ever seen. The unfortunate truth though is that we have to wait until 2025 to get our hands on it. Worry not, however. I’m certain 2024 will also bring us plenty of stellar releases. Within the first couple of months of the year alone, we’ve got The Last of Us Part II Remastered, Tekken 8, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (I’m trying to be optimistic). If you just so happen to be a fan of both Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us, you might want to keep an eye on Rooted.

Take a look at Rooted in action below.

Developed by Headlight Studio, Rooted is an upcoming open-world post-apocalyptic survival game. The synopsis reads, “In this solo and multiplayer survival game, explore an ancient overgrown world full of dangers. Salvage, build, craft, hunt .. and try to survive alone or with your friends in an evolving and fascinating post-apocalyptic environment. Powered by Unreal Engine 5.”

If you only saw a brief clip of Rooted, you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for a snippet from The Last of Part II. Set in an overgrown urban jungle, Rooted has clearly taken inspiration from the Naughty Dog classic. Even the simplistic black and white UI has somewhat of a The Last of Us aesthetic.

Rooted is open-world though, and you can build yourself a homestead adding a hint of Red Dead in there. As mentioned, the title can be played single player or in multiplayer co-op. There are no undead to be found here as it’s humans and animals that you’ll be facing off against. Rooted doesn’t currently have a launch window but the game is shaping up very nicely indeed. One to watch, for sure.

Featured Image Credit: Headlight Studio

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